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Remove your LinkedIn bio writing panic today - for just $4.99 🪄


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LI bio examples

Job title: Growth consultant

Tone of voice: Professional

My name is Samantha Schwartzman and I am a growth consultant. My passion lies in helping small business owners feel empowered and in control of their industries. I believe that there is a powerful connection between the personal and professional, and it’s my job to help businesses “feel” like their owners.


I have been able to achieve some great things this year. For example, I helped a family owned business expand from its small town reach to state wide. This was an incredible accomplishment for them, as well as myself! Additionally, I created a brand identity for a small business owner so they could stand out in their crowded industry. Finally, I increased my own business’ revenue to twice what it was pre-pandemic levels. 


My greatest professional aspiration is seeing all the businesses I help thrive and provide inspiration for others to do the same. To me, this is the most satisfying part of my job because it means that I am making a lasting impact on people’s lives by helping them create something greater than themselves. 


The main problem that I solve for my customers or employer in my work is getting them to see the possibilities their businesses are capable of when they see what they themselves are capable of. Everyone has potential but sometimes we need someone else to show us how far we can go with it. That’s where I come in – helping people realize their full potential and make their businesses flourish as a result. 


When working with clients, my goal is always to build relationships based on trust and mutual respect so that together we can create something amazing. It takes hard work and dedication but if you’re willing to put in the effort then anything is possible! With my guidance, you will be able to take your business from slumps to success – just like many of my clients have done before you! 


I love watching businesses grow under my care and being able to witness first hand how much joy owning a successful business brings people. It fills me with purpose knowing that I have played even just a small role in helping these entrepreneurs succeed! 


If you are looking for someone who can help bring your business dreams into fruition then look no further – contact me today! With years of experience and expertise at your disposal, you can rest assured that your business will be taken care of with the utmost professionalism and care!

What is

The best of both worlds

WriteMyBio is a LinkedIn bio writer that combines the limitless power of AI with years of human experience. If you need a LinkedIn bio, but don't know how to write one, you've come to the right place. Completely personalised and at a fraction of the standard cost, is making professional LinkedIn bios accessible to everyone.

Designed for LinkedIn

One-time cost

100% bespoke

Our reviews


WriteMyBio's ability to capture the essence of my skills and experiences and present them in a compelling way is truly impressive. Not to mention the expertise and attention to detail really shone through, and as a result, my profile now presents a clear and concise picture of my professional brand.


I am confident that the work will have a positive impact on my career prospects and help me stand out in a highly competitive job market. I'll be sure to recommend your services to anyone in need of a top-notch LinkedIn profile.

Betsy Thomas, HR manager

Who's behind

Two decades (of experience) in the making

WriteMyBio is the brainchild of Synne Lindén, founder of Lindentree, and Jerry Jose, founder of SocialJJ. With close to two decades of experience in communications, marketing, storytelling and social media between them, they're harnessing the power of machine learning to make bespoke, high-quality LinkedIn bios accessible to students and professionals everywhere - for the price of a (pretty cheap) pizza.

Frequently Asked Questions
(and our AI's answers)


Why do I need a LinkedIn bio?

A LinkedIn bio is an important aspect of your online professional presence. It provides potential employers, clients, and connections with information about your background, experience, and skills, helping them determine if you are a good fit for opportunities they may have available. A well-crafted LinkedIn bio can increase your visibility and credibility, and ultimately lead to career growth opportunities.


What should my LinkedIn bio highlight?

A LinkedIn bio should highlight your professional accomplishments, skills, and experiences that are relevant to your current career goals. This can include your education, work history, key achievements, industry expertise, and personal brand statement.Your LinkedIn bio should be written in a professional tone and be concise, yet comprehensive, in order to effectively communicate your value to potential employers, clients, or connections.


What if I'm just out of school?

If you're just out of school it's still important to have a well-crafted profile. You can highlight your academic achievements, relevant coursework, internships or co-op experience, and any volunteer work or extracurricular activities that demonstrate your skills and interest. The important thing is that your LinkedIn bio should communicate your potential to future employers and boost your chances of a strong professional network.

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